Why We Love Candy so Much

From a young age, people are drawn to candy for many reasons. Some people prefer chocolates, others prefer something a bit sourer, and of course almost everyone enjoys a good lollipop every now and then. But just what is it about candy that always keeps people coming back for more? Well, some studies have shown… Read more »

Google Android Lollipop

You may have noticed if you’re a Google Android user that different Android versions are named after candy and confectionary. Over the years, there have been Lollipop, KitKat, Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, and more. It’s certainly an interesting choice, naming these versions after things that satisfy our sweet tooths. And, for the record, Android… Read more »

The Death of FAO Schwarz and the Power of Candy

While we may recognize gourmet lollipops as simply tasty treats that calm us and get us through the day, they are – perhaps more importantly – a symbol of innocence, of a time in our lives when things were a lot simpler, when dreams seemed to dance in front of our eyes and they seemed… Read more »

The Rising Popularity of Japanese Lollipop Art

At CIMA Confections, we’re all for gourmet lollipops – it’s our bread and butter. We understand the sweetness and good feelings that come with each lollipop lick and now that we’re in spring and rapidly approaching summer, those good feelings are sure to multiply. We can all agree on their tastiness, but have you ever… Read more »

The 2015 National Confectioners Association Expo Held in Chicago

Every industry has their big event, their big game to play so to speak. Political parties in almost every country hold conventions with much pomp and circumstance. The candy industry is no different and every year, they have a gigantic celebration. Sponsored by the National Confectioners Association (yes, that’s a real association!), the Sweets &… Read more »

Making Your Own Lollipops

At CIMA Confections, we offer a wide range of options for you to customize and purchase our delicious gourmet lollipops. However, if you’re looking for a fun activity to try this summer, we’re here to show you how to make your very own tasty treats. In between snacking on one of our gourmet options, try… Read more »

Unique Versions of Lollipops from around the Country

If you walk down the candy aisle of your local supermarket every now and then, you may start thinking to yourself that these treats haven’t changed much throughout the years. There are the same old brands offering the same old flavors. But when you look further into the world of gourmet lollipops and other types… Read more »

Beer Maker Creates Hoppy Candy

Home brewing beer has become an increasingly popular trend, but one enthusiast is taking that passion a step further. Heather Hadsel in Washington has discovered a way to make hop-infused candy, and the process is simpler than you may think. With some sugar, water, and corn syrup, she’s able to create the candy by cooking… Read more »

Bacon Flavored Cotton Candy and Other Ballgame Snacks

Recently we let you know about breastmilk flavored gourmet lollipops, and now we’re here to tell you about another interesting flavor to enter the candy scene: bacon. However, we’re not just talking about lollipops this time. There’s such a thing as bacon cotton candy as well. And you can’t simply get this bacon flavored cotton… Read more »

Would You Give a Baby a Breast Milk Flavored Lollipop?

When you work in the candy industry, you’re used to hearing about all sorts of flavors, but this is certainly a new one for us. That’s right; one candy company has decided to introduce a breastmilk flavor into their line of lollipops. While this flavor may be familiar to babies, they’re unfortunately a little too… Read more »