Raising Awareness for National Heart Month

Many people may know a relative, family member, or friend who has been affected by a heart condition. This month we commemorate those we’ve lost or who are struggling by leading the healthiest lives possible and teaching the next generation about healthy lifestyle choices. Raising Awareness for National Heart Month

In order to bring awareness to National Heart Month, we’ve put together some ideas that inform, inspire, and encourage people to make healthy changes in their lives.

Fundraising for a Cause

Bringing awareness is the first step in preventing heart disease from becoming more prevalent than it is. If your school organization, church group, or business is looking for a way to get involved, you can get creative with a National Heart Month fundraiser. February 2nd is also National Wear Red Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of a disease that kills around 500,000 American women each year. Selling red lollipops in your school, on your campus, or at your church is an easy way of becoming a part of a worthwhile cause.

Speak Out

Advocacy is powerful in the fight against life-threatening diseases, and to wield its true power we must speak up when the moment requires. Hosting a speaker at your fundraiser or awareness event is an excellent way of promoting the cause and informing the public on what they can do to gain control over their own health. A first-hand account from someone who was directly affected by heart disease will allow people who come from families where the disease is prevalent to take action in decreasing the risk.

Show Your True Colors

Wearing red on this day, or for the entire month of February, is a public way of expressing your dedication and support to raising awareness. Get your team or organization to plan a day where you all can embrace the true spirit behind the movement. Encourage others to wear red on this day too; as more voices galvanize, more people will keep informed about the serious effects of the disease.

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