Why We Associate Sweets with Valentine’s Day

You may be surprised to learn that Valentine’s Day is a centuries-old holiday that had nothing to do with candy or flowers – at first. The holiday has changed significantly since it got its start, and now we associate it with those sweet gifts that make a certain someone feel special. Why We Associate Sweets with Valentine’s Day

Let’s take a look at why Valentine’s Day and sweets go hand-in-hand.

A Simple, Unintentional Beginning

St. Valentine, a Roman bishop, secretly married couples in the third century. This was forbidden, so he did so in secret and at great risk. When he was caught, they put him in jail. The story goes that St. Valentine sent a letter to the jailer’s daughter and signed it “Your Valentine”, simply because of his last name.

Sweets to the Sweet

Valentine’s Day continued on as a tradition to send a love note to that special someone. In the play Hamlet, Shakespeare writes the words “sweets to the sweet” and from there a new, delicious tradition was born.

It makes a lot of sense that people would associate chocolate with Valentine’s Day. Many people associate the taste of chocolate with feelings of falling in love because of the effects of phenylethylamine in the brain. This chemical creates happy, pleasurable feelings. Since those early days of Shakespearian love and scientific revelation, Valentine’s Day is now associated with any kind of sweet you can think of.

Fundraising Love

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