About Cima Confections

Cima Confections has been creating smiles since 1989. We have been producing  top-quality GOURMET LOLLIPOPS  for customers worldwide. Crafting delicious lollipops for all occasions is our passion. We offer a variety of shapes for all seasons. All of our gourmet lollipops are made with the finest ingredients, delivering smiles to all. We are dedicated to making quality products to sell in the market and to enjoy any time!

We have a wide selection of brands and flavors to choose from, including Yummy Lix, Color Xploder, Yummy Hearts, Yummy Lips, Sour Yummy Lips, Sour Mania, Yummy Bear, and Yummy Star.

Corporate Fact Sheet:

  • Founded in 1989.
  • Global leader in making gourmet lollipops and specialty candies.
  • Fastest growing confection supplier in the market.
  • Maker of high quality confections.
  • Broad product line of long lasting and tasty candies in exciting shapes and flavor blends.
  • Maker of sugar-free confections.
  • Maker of holiday shapes from sports to religious themes.
  • Offers custom solutions from special shapes to special formulas and packaging.
  • Experienced team of representatives, operations, distribution, and candy design.
  • Uses advanced technology for logistics and distribution.
  • Committed to producing revenues for clients.
  • Committed to pleasing customers with exceptional flavor.