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Why the Lollipop Is One of the Best Types of Candy

Whether you are ordering them online or browsing in the supermarket, there are hundreds of types of candy that compete for the attention of people who love these tasty treats. But take it from us. There are few types of candy that are better than the lollipop, if any. And we’re here to tell you… Read more »

Journey to the Center of a Lollipop

Bulk Gourmet Lollipops

When you think of lollipops, what do you think of? Do you think of childhood? Do you think of summer? Sweetness? Positive vibes? Like with everything in life, lollipops conjure up a whole bunch of different feelings for everyone. But one lollipop question that is buried in the heart of every man, woman, and child… Read more »

Why Kids (and Adults) Love Candy

Even the oldest members of our society enjoy a sugary treat every now and then, but out of every age group, it’s children above all else who are known for loving candy. But just why do kids love candy so much? Is it really just because of the sugar? Well, it can’t be that simple…. Read more »

New Lollipops Being Made with 3D Printing Technology

The ability to use 3D printing technology to create just about anything has become more apparent in recent years, and now the technology is allowing people to make customizable lollipops. That’s exactly what a new company in San Francisco is doing with their line of 3D printed lollipops. But just how is this possible? While… Read more »

Child Entrepreneurs and Lollipops

Everyone loves lollipops, especially children – that is as much a fact as the sky is blue, but some people are taking their lollipop love to the next level. One girl, in particular, is even inventing her own lollipops! Her name is Alina Morse and she is the creator of Zollipops, lollipops that are good… Read more »

Why Eating Candy Can Be Good for You

While we wouldn’t advise going on an all lollipop diet, did you know there are actually a few reasons why eating candy is good for you? That’s right, over the years there have been several studies examining the effects eating candy has on people, and while the results vary depending on the specific treat, there… Read more »

The History of Lollipops

At Yummy Lix, we offer gourmet lollipops that are some of the tastiest versions of this delicious treat that you already know and love. But just where did the lollipop come from and who invented it? Well, this candy actually has a long and interesting history, with many evolutions eventually leading to the treat we… Read more »

Quit Smoking with Yummy Lix Lollipops

Quit Smoking with Yummy Lix Lollipops: It’s the classic Norman Rockwell painting of the family gathered around the holiday turkey, ready to enjoy a perfect holiday meal. But you know, at the end of that meal, you will want to slip out to smoke a cigarette. Thus begins the nagging times when relatives you rarely… Read more »