New Lollipops Being Made with 3D Printing Technology

31051974_SThe ability to use 3D printing technology to create just about anything has become more apparent in recent years, and now the technology is allowing people to make customizable lollipops. That’s exactly what a new company in San Francisco is doing with their line of 3D printed lollipops. But just how is this possible?

While the technology behind 3D printing is complex, it is becoming increasingly more accessible to the average consumer. 3D printers are very expensive, but many analysts see costs dropping dramatically in the coming years, which means one day they could be as common as computers or televisions in the home.

The company that is printing lollipops, Stuffhub, is using a Stratasys uPrint SE 3D printer to make this possible. While they take care of the printing, the customer actually gets to take part in the design process. Anyone can upload their own logo, choose a color and flavor, and order a set of completely unique lollipops.

Pomegranate Lollipop-Yummy LixOnce Stuffhub has this information from the customer, they create a custom silicone mold that a local candy store uses to create the treats. However, the process isn’t quite that simple. Unlike many things that people are 3D printing, food is unique in that special molds needed to be made in order for the final product to be safe to eat. That’s why Stuffhub has to invest in a food-grade silicone mold that is completely safe to make food in.

What do you think about these customizable lollipops and 3D printing in general? Do you think it is a technology that will be taking off in years to come or simply a passing fad? Let us know!