New Year’s Resolution: Act like a child with Yummy Lix Lollipops

Remember the carefree days of childhood? Those were the days when a swing set could carry you to the moon to visit with purple monsters, or a dandelion chain became the crown jewels. And a lollipop transformed into a magic wand.

Sound silly? Research shows that play is healthy for adults. Not only is it healthy, it can be a major key to success – at work and at home.

If you observe any baby animal – like kittens, for example, you will note that almost everything they do in the name of play, is really learning. A kitten chasing a string is learning how to chase a mouse’s tail. Child’s play teaches all manner of lessons – geometry in fort building, relationship skills when sharing the playground slide, and biology in a creek bed.

Successful adults continually learn. In a fast-paced society constantly creating new technologies, a flexible brain is critical. Few activities enhance brain function like a bit of silliness. Studies show that play boosts productivity at work and fuels creativity and innovation. Few objects remind us of our childhood like sweet, colorful lollipops.
Having a few laughs together also brings people closer. Down time away from electronics can boost relationships with spouses, bosses, colleagues, friends and children. Playing tag or tossing a Frisbee reduces stress and can break down communication barriers. How about stealing a kiss –with a red lips lollipop?

Even if you can’t catch your kids in a game of touch football, the act of playing will still make you feel younger and more energetic. You can burn off a few pounds in the process! And a great treat is a low-calorie, slow sugar release gourmet lollipop, such as a Yummy Lix lollipop.

Your pledge to get five hours of exercise a week every new year generally fails, if you are like most of us. How about turning the tables this year, and just decide to have fun? Get out with friends and play kickball. Ride your bike with your husband with no particular destination in mind. Walk through your local park looking for flowers. Play with your kids. Doesn’t sound like exercise? Good.

This year, for your New Year’s Resolution, make a promise to yourself that you can keep – pledge to have more fun! Our job at Cima ConfectYummyLix-Deposited-lollipops-Creating-smilesions is to create smiles every day through our sweet candy lollipops.

Here are a few ways to ramp up your playfulness. Don’t be afraid to do something silly, like dance with abandon when you hear music you like. Find a board game you enjoy and invite friends over to play it with you, like a poker or trivia night. Surround yourself with playful people who enjoy sharing a laugh or two. Play with children – if you don’t have your own, volunteer at a church nursery or with scouting. If you want to be popular, we have a number of silly lollipop shapes sure to be a hit with the younger crowd!

Another way to remind yourself to be playful, is to enjoy things that remind you of being a kid. A lollipop can still be your magic wand! It helps that there is almost no way to eat a lollipop without smiling.

Cima Confections makes Yummy Lix — gourmet lollipops that can satisfy your adult taste without compromising the kid inside. For added silliness, you can order them in shapes, like Yummy Lips, Lolliballs footballs, or Lolliween monsters or the Easter Bunny. Or pick a silly flavor, like banana split or cotton candy or chili-infused Hot Pops.

May you have a healthy and fun-filled New Year—from Cima Confections and Yummy Lix.