Why Eating Candy Can Be Good for You

While we wouldn’t advise going on an all lollipop diet, did you know there are actually a few reasons why eating candy is good for you? That’s right, over the years there have been several studies examining the effects eating candy has on people, and while the results vary depending on the specific treat, there have been a few common conclusions. Keep reading to learn about some of the ways eating candy can improve your life!

For one thing, many people find that eating candy is a great way to reduce stress. From licking lollipops to chewing gum, the simple act of moving one’s mouth can improve attention span. In turn, this can reduce stress when it comes time to study for an exam or focus on work. Do you find that you tend to enjoy a sugary treat while working hard? This may be the reason!

kid2Chocolate and chocolate flavored treats also have many benefits. In fact, dark chocolate contains antioxidants that have been known to reduce the risk of heart disease, and compounds in cocoa beans have even been known to slow the growth of certain types of cocoa beans.

Enjoying a delicious treat like a gourmet lollipop is also a great way to reward yourself, or even your child, after accomplishing something. If you tell yourself you are going to have a lollipop after you work out or complete a specific amount of work, it may motivate you to work harder because you know a treat is waiting for you at the end.

There are many reasons why eating candy like gourmet lollipops can be good for, and these are just a few of them. What do you love about eating lollipops? Let us know!