Journey to the Center of a Lollipop

When you think of lollipops, what do you think of? Do you think of childhood? Do you think of summer? Sweetness? Positive vibes? Like with everything in life, lollipops conjure up a whole bunch of different feelings for everyone. But one lollipop question that is buried in the heart of every man, woman, and child is, “How many licks does it to take to reach the center of a lollipop?” It’s a question that has puzzled the greatest minds in science and philosophy since the lollipop first burst onto the candy stage. Well, it seems we may finally have an answer to this quandary.

According to this Daily Mail article, scientists estimate that it takes around 2,500 licks to reach the center of an average lollipop. At first glance, this may seem like a lot of licks, but the science backs it up. Dr. Ristroph of New York University led the study. The Daily Mail reports, “Dr. Ristroph and his colleagues placed candy lollipops ranging from 1 cm to 10cm (0.4-4 inches) into flows of water moving between 0.22mph and 2.2 mph.” The experiment used the effects of mild erosion to mimic the act of tongue liquid – the flow of water mirroring the effects of saliva.

So, there you have it. 2,500 licks. Believable? Not believable? Are you convinced with the answer to one of life’s most enduring and infuriating questions? Let us know. For more information about the experiment, check out the Daily Mail article and for all of your gourmet lollipop needs, check out our delicious treats! Do your own lollipop experiment!