Why Kids (and Adults) Love Candy

Banana Split lollipop-Yummy LixEven the oldest members of our society enjoy a sugary treat every now and then, but out of every age group, it’s children above all else who are known for loving candy. But just why do kids love candy so much? Is it really just because of the sugar? Well, it can’t be that simple. Sugar has the same effects on people of all age, but kids actually seem to enjoy the taste of candy even more than adults. It turns out, there is a scientific reason behind that.

Brian Wansink, the director of the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University, has offered a pretty reasonable explanation for why kids love candy so much. Although both kids and adults have the same amount of taste buds on their tongues, a child’s tongue is much smaller than that of an adult. A smaller tongue means that the flavor of candy is intensified more so when a child eats a piece than when an adult consumes the same amount.

YummyLix-Deposited-lollipops-Creating-smiles1While most people believe that kids get a type of “sugar high” off of eating candy, there is actually no conclusive research that supports this. So could it really just be the more intensified flavor due to smaller tongues? It makes sense to us.

Regardless, we are happy to make delicious treats for people of all ages. Whether you want some gourmet lollipops for yourself or the little ones in your family, you can place your order today! Remember to keep checking back with our blog for more fun facts and news related to the world of candy!