The Beginnings of the Lollipop

The first humans discovered sweets in the lush golden offerings guarded by bees. Poking a stick into the hives proved a less painful way to reach the sweet honey treat that lay within. The stick would have been thoroughly licked to retrieve the sweet nectar. By the time of the Egyptians, sweet fruits and nuts… Read more »

A Little More Lollipop History

If it makes you feel silly, then you are in luck! Do you ever wonder where expressions come from? Let Yummy Lix explain why a little bit of silliness can be the best way to create smiles in your day! Have you ever just tossed out an expression without thinking about it? For example, did… Read more »

A Little Lollipop History

In the 1940s and 1950s, lollipops were so popular, they made safety sticks so kids could eat them while running and playing. And kids were skinny back then–a combination of running, playing, and eating a no-fat, low-calorie treat! Yummy Lix gourmet lollipops are only 110 calories each–compare that to a candy bar of 250 to… Read more »

Easter Joy, Yummy Lix Gourmet Lollipops, and More — Perfect Choices for Spring Celebrations

If you’re looking for uncommonly fun and delicious Easter treats this year, we offer several products that are perfect for baskets, egg hunts, party favors, game prizes, and more. The most obvious choices are our allergen-free Easter Joy gourmet lollipops, which take three charming shapes: Chick-n-Egg, Bunny, and Egg. These large, 1-ounce confections come in… Read more »