A Little More Lollipop History

If it makes you feel silly, then you are in luck! Do you ever wonder where expressions come from? Let Yummy Lix explain why a little bit of silliness can be the best way to create smiles in your day!

Have you ever just tossed out an expression without thinking about it? For example, did your Mom ever say “sleep tight” before turning out the light? In Colonial days, mattresses were supported by ropes crisscrossing underneath. Many of these beds had handles in the footboard where the ropes could be tightened. So, “sleep tight” referred to a comfortable bed and a good night’s sleep.


The word lollipop or lollypop first appears in the works of Charles Dickens. In his day, “Lolly” referred to the tongue in 18th-century English slang, and a pop was a slap. The very name of this candy describes how it is eaten! When you break out one of your Yummy Lix Gourmet Lollipops, see if your tongue isn’t tap dancing across your candy!


Some say lollipop came from the gypsies, who were known for their tasty toffee apples sold on a stick. In the Roma (gypsy) language, the words for “red apple” are loli phaba.

Ever heard of a “born sucker?” A gentleman named Samuel Born immigrated to America from Russia and moved to California. He invented a machine to make lollipops, and–you got it–he called it the Born Sucker Machine! And he made Born suckers! In 1916, the City of San Francisco gave him the keys to the city for his innovative candies, which include chocolate sprinkles.

Born suckers came to indicate someone who was a bit gullible, which of course describes the biggest group of Yummy Lix fans–children! Although we know quite a few adults who love gourmet lollipops…. Perhaps eating candy associated with children makes us look younger and more innocent–the best reason yet to eat more Yummy Lix!

In the olden days, to be simple and childlike meant you were blessed. The word “silly,” which we so often use with children, came from the word “seely,” a Middle English word meaning “happy.” We have seen many frowns turn upside down with our lollipops.

Cima Confections creates Yummy Lix Gourmet Lollipops for children, youth, and adults and for our main purpose: creating smiles.

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