Motion Sickness to Morning Sickness, Lollipops Can Help with Nausea

That dreaded feeling, nausea. It is the sickest of sick feelings. It can strike anywhere: in the car, at work, in the classroom. What can you do?

Try sucking on a lollipop! Lollipops can give fast relief, especially fruity flavors such as Yummy Lix Grape, Mango Peach, Blue Raspberry, Pomegranate, and Watermelon. Lollipops have reduced the intensity of nausea symptoms for the majority of women who tried them, according to morning sickness symptoms.

When you feel nauseated, go sour! For decades, sour flavors have been used to change the taste in the mouth, relieving nausea, even for women in labor. Sour Apple is a favorite pick with Sour Blackberry, Sour Blueberry, Sour Tangerine, Sour Wild Cherry, and Sour Wild Berry not far behind.

It works by instantly putting sugar into the stomach – an empty stomach is more likely to cause more intense feelings of nausea. The sugar can calm the jittery stomach, and the lollipop slowly releases fluids that can easily be swallowed, settling the stomach. According to, lollipops moisten the mouth, too, which helps your tummy while reducing symptoms.

And it keeps your mind occupied with something sweet!

For children, a lollipop is MUCH more desirable than medicine. If a child starts feeling motion sickness in the car, or on the bus, you can easily keep a favorite lollipop flavor, such as Yummy Lix Sour Apple, in a handy backpack. If you are on a cruise, keep a lollipop in your purse or pocket, to make sure you enjoy your vacation to the fullest. For a first line of defense, lollipops are safe, with no known side effects, except for creating smiles.

If the nausea leads to vomiting, recommends lollipops to nurse your child (or someone acting like a child!) back to health. Eating solid foods should be restricted for 12 hours, but in the meantime, a lollipop will help your patient produce saliva, which helps stimulate thirst. Drinking more liquids will prevent the dehydration and electrolyte disruption that often accompanies vomiting and can even become dangerous. It certainly makes you feel worse. Fruit-flavored lollipops work best, especially sour flavors.

Sometimes, it’s mom who feels nauseated. Morning sickness can plague an expectant mother months into her pregnancy. A lollipop can be a handy deterrent for nausea. While expectant moms too often cannot take any nausea drugs, Yummy Lix Gourmet Lollipops are allergen and gluten free and totally safe for moms.

In more severe health issues, such as cancer and chemotherapy, nausea can be a too common occurrence. In these situations, often drugs are even more restricted, making lollipops a welcome relief from nausea. For children, it can be even more imperative to try lollipops, as children can be weary of pills and needle sticks. In her book, Children with Cancer: A Comprehensive Reference Guide for Parents, Jeanne Munn Bracken recommends lollipops to help ward off nausea and to relieve symptoms after vomiting.

At Cima Confections, we wish you the best of health. But if you feel an upset stomach coming on, feel free to turn to Yummy Lix, with all of its fruity and sour flavors, for relief. We hope you will soon be smiling again!