How To Make Your Own Lollipops

Making your own lollipops is fun and easy. This is a great activity to do with children to keep them occupied. Once you learn how to make them yourself, you can add your own special touch like sprinkles or unique extracts for different flavors. The fun and possibilities are endless! Before making your own lollipops,… Read more »

Celebrating National Something on a Stick Day 2019

two young women with lollipops

Did you know that March is full of wacky and silly holidays dedicated to all things food? From Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day to National Frozen Food Day, Popcorn Lovers’ Day, and Waffle Day, the month of March is not short on light-hearted occasions for celebrating our favorite foodstuffs. As lollipop connoisseurs however, our favorite March… Read more »

5 Treats to Make for Your St. Patrick’s Day Party

St. Patrick's Day Desserts

Haul out your shamrocks and bright green strands of beads: St. Paddy’s Day is coming in hot! Are you looking to impress at your holiday party this year? Check out these five treats to make for your upcoming St. Patrick’s Day Party! Baileys Brownies If brownies are your go-to sweet, you are in luck! This… Read more »

How to Create an Amazing Dessert Table

Pink Dessert Table

From birthday parties and family reunions to weddings and corporate get-togethers, we define events by entertainment, experience and—most importantly—the food! Food can either wow guests or leave a sour taste in their mouth. So, to ensure your event’s success, let’s focus on the last element served: the dessert. And not just one dessert… A whole… Read more »

4 Successful Fundraising Ideas for Baseball Season

Homeplate on Baseball Field

One, two, three strikes you’re out! It’s almost time for baseball season, and that means you need some clever ideas for raising money for your child’s team. Many events and fundraisers are easy to organize as a team. Here are a few of our favorite ideas! Community potluck Grab your child’s baseball team and help… Read more »

Giving Chocolate on Valentine’s Day: Should You Break the Tradition?

Heart Box of Chocolates

We all know that chocolate and Valentine’s Day are basically synonymous. It’s long been the tradition to give the delicious sweet to a loved one on that lovely day; each year, the chocolate industry explodes with sales around the holiday, as couples and friends clamor to find the best cocoa product to offer. And we… Read more »

3 Myths About Candy that You Shouldn’t Believe

Candy Myths

Candy brings joy, smiles, and satisfaction to all who indulge in the sweet stuff. However, the joyful world of candy is not without a few myths, many of which we believed as children. As an adult, however, it is time you knew the truth. Candy makes children bounce off the walls Adults and children alike… Read more »

How to Make a Lollipop Bouquet

Lollipop Bouquet

The adorably delectable lollipop bouquet is an easy-to-create sweet treat for both the eyes and stomach. Grab your favorite lollipops and start creating your floral-like masterpiece. Gather the lollipop bouquet materials For this sweet craft, grab your favorite delicious lollipops, a hot glue gun, and a foam ball. If you would like to put your… Read more »

Top 4 School Fundraiser Ideas

School Fundraiser Ideas

Schools need to raise money to support their special programming and basic operational costs. However, sometimes there are fundraisers that have just been way overdone. Try the following fundraising ideas to get students involved and excited about fundraising! Channel that school spirit Perhaps the most reliable source for donations is kids turning to their own… Read more »