Yummy Lix Lollipops Perfect for Tailgating Parties

Everyone loves a good tailgate. There’s nothing like enjoying some food and drink before a sports game with loved ones, as you all get ready to see the big event. It’s seriously half the fun. But there’s one thing that really could take your tailgate to the next level (and your friends will thank you later): lollipops! Lollipops are the perfect treat for any tailgating party, no matter what the sporting event is.

They’re the perfect dessert to scoop up before heading into the stadium or field, and with Yummy Lix Lollipops, they work for any tailgating event.

Take the Yummy Lix Lolliball Lollipops, for example. Everyone at the tailgate will love these football-shaped pops, which not only come in different colors or flavors—we’ll let your team color decide—but also, free of any allergens, so everyone at the party can enjoy them. As we like to say, they’re the “perfect sweet treat for pigskin enthusiasts.”

Then there are our Baseball Lollipops, one of our most popular pops. These treats are beloved by parents and kids at games and summertime fundraisers alike, but they’re also great for any tailgate. Again, the lollipops are allergen-free, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

And finally, if you’re turning your tailgate into an event to raise money for a good cause, there are always the Pink Ribbon Lollipops. The pink lollipops show your tailgate’s support for breast cancer awareness, and are perfect for any game in October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Flavors include Pina Colada, Bubble Gum, and Pink Lemonade—in other words: plenty to choose from!

Whatever your tailgate may be, Yummy Lix has a lollipop for it. All of the packages above come with 640 lollipops a case, and, as always, free shipping. So grab the right lollipops for your tailgate today, and enjoy the game!