Yummy Lix for the Holidays

The holidays are all about gathering around the dinner table with friends and family and enjoying a nice meal – and, of course, a nice dessert! But why not opt out of the same old pies and ice creams and try something new? Our lollipops make great desserts for post-holiday meals. You could even use them as a creative and delicious centerpiece on your dinner table, or bring them as a gift to your holiday get-together!

Here are some of our favorite Yummy Lix flavors that are perfect for the holidays:

Yummy Lix FlavorsBanana Split

Banana split is an all-time favorite, but perfect for the holidays as it pairs nicely as a follow up to all of that marshmallowy yam goodness!

Blackberry and Blueberry

Berry pies are a staple dessert at holiday dinner gatherings, so it makes sense that these delicious fruit flavored lollipops land on our top list of top dessert tastes? Our blackberry and blueberry flavors offer a great balance – not too sweet and not too tart.

Caramel Apple

Caramel apple is a fall seasonal favorite, and our lollipop flavor is no exception! With a hint of sour mellowing beneath the caramel sweetness, these lollipops are crowd favorites that are sure to go over well with the kids!

Cherry Cheesecake

For folks who want something a little more savory sweet, our cherry cheesecake flavor is a big hit! Who doesn’t love a bit of cheesecake goodness after a meal? Enjoy all the goodness of cheesecake at a fraction of the calories of the real thing with our lollipops.


What flavor evokes the holidays better than cinnamon? A flavor option in candy canes and other seasonal treats, our cinnamon lollipops are sure to delight both kids and adults alike. Since it’s also a lollipop flavor not often found in stores, it’ll be a fun one for everybody to try.

Whether you want a small sampler of 80 Yummy Lix flavors or a full order of 200 lollipops to offer at your business, check out the full list of Yummy Lix flavors on our website, and contact us today to place an order for the holidays!