Yummy Lix Lollipops are the Best Road Trip Snacks

Packing the car for a road trip? You are probably including a variety of snacks! We suggest bringing lollipops with you as well. Road trips can be long and tiresome, especially if you’re driving with young kids.

Yummy Lix has a big tip for keeping your kids happy in the back seat during a long road trip: pack some lollipops.

You have salty snacks covered with pretzels and a few other essentials, like cheese and crackers, baked chips, or veggie straws—but when it comes to packing something sweet, what are your options? Chocolate will melt in the backseat of the hot car when you stop to take a walk and stretch your legs, and ice cream isn’t a packable option either!

Lollipops from CIMA Confections are Convenient.

However, lollipops are a great car snack for kids of all ages and with Yummy Lix’s, you can feel confident feeding your kids a snack. Plus, there are a few other benefits that a lollipop snack offers: it takes a few minutes to eat one, so a lollipop will occupy your kids (and maybe keep them quiet!) for a solid ten minutes while you listen to the radio and double check the GPS. And you can’t really share a lollipop: each kid will have his or her own, so that right there eliminates the inevitable fights about sharing snacks.

Snacks for You as Well!

Lollipops are a great snack for the parents, too: they’re hands-free, so you can focus on driving, and a little pick-me-up is sometimes all you need to get you through the next few miles of highway. Plus, with Yummy Lix’s vast flavor varieties, you’ll be able to snag a flavor that each of your kids will like, and you can pack a bunch of them since they’re small! Click here to shop Yummy Lix flavors, and click here to learn more about our lollipops.