Why Do We Love Candy So Much?

Candy is a treat, obviously! As a kid, candy is something that we crave almost 24/7. Kids usually can’t wait to have their dessert after dinner because they’re craving for sugar is much greater than green vegetables. When Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Easter roll around, every kid is looking forward to getting all the chocolate and candy they can, but what other reasons are there why we enjoy candy so much?

Lollipops from CIMA Confections

Candy is Sweet When Everything is Sour

When life is giving you lemons, many people turn to their guilty pleasures or passions for some relief. Many people’s guilty pleasure is candy! Candy gives us something sweet and enjoyable even though only for a minute, we will enjoy it before it is gone. It’s something that sweetens up our lives when we need it. Candy is very delicious, and it can be a great treat for special occasions like holidays.

Everyone Loves a Sugar Rush

Candy has a good amount of sugar, which can give you a strong sugar rush when you eat it, but it also satisfies a craving we have. Going to the movies or taking a long road trip is the perfect situation where we can dive into a big bag of candy and not regret it.

Different Types of Candy

The amazing thing about candy is that there are so many different types. From chocolate to fruit candy, there are many types to choose from. At CIMA Confections, we have one of the classics, and one of the most universally known types of candy, lollipops. With our vast selection of different lollipops, you can indulge in your craving for sweet and spicey candy we offer.

Most people love candy, so we don’t want to deprive you of your guilty pleasures. Contact CIMA Confections at 562-926-6800 today or visit us online for more information!