What to Do with All of that Leftover Halloween Candy

It’s tempting… keeping all of the Halloween candy that your child acquires. The sugary treats are addicting and if it’s in the house, there will be no problem eating the whole haul yourself.

However, there are a few reasons to cutback on the Halloween candy. For starters, we’re sure you don’t want your child to have a sugar rush for the entire month of November. Not to mention the candy bowl will be taunting you as you try to stick to your diet.

So, after eating your share of the sweets, what other things can you do with that leftover Halloween candy?

Donate your excess candyKids Trick or Treating

Your little one probably received enough sweets to satisfy them and their whole class at school, so after giving them their share, consider donating the rest. There are always local youth centers and shelters looking for some much-needed Halloween candy.

There are also programs in place that will help you send treats overseas to the troops!

Take it to the office

You’re better off having your coworkers eat the extra candy, so that you don’t have to.

Make more (healthy) treats

Use the extra Halloween sweets to make even more sweets! Here us out—the candy will only stay good for so long. Yes, you can use the M&Ms to make cookies, or you can use them to make a healthy trial mix.

Treat yourself!

Earlier we said that you may want to rid yourself of these tempting sweets, but sometimes you need to treat yourself! Candy in moderation never hurt anyone, right? Hide the candy from your little ones and ration out as you deem fit.

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