Top 4 School Fundraiser Ideas

Schools need to raise money to support their special programming and basic operational costs. However, sometimes there are fundraisers that have just been way overdone.

Try the following fundraising ideas to get students involved and excited about fundraising!

School Fundraiser IdeasChannel that school spirit

Perhaps the most reliable source for donations is kids turning to their own family members for help. These are the people that have a hard time saying no when their favorite grandchild or nephew turns on that sweet charm.

What better way to get both a donation and spread school spirit than by selling school merchandise?

Sell branded t-shirts with your school’s logo, school supplies like pens and notebooks, stickers, mugs, and more!

Host dress-up days

Children love freedom of expression and the chance to dress up in a fun and crazy way at school is the perfect fundraiser. Charge students a small fee to dress up for the day according to a chosen theme. Popular ideas include pajama day, where students wear their pajamas to school, and superhero day, where everyone comes dressed as their favorite hero.

This easy fundraiser allows students the chance to wear silly outfits for the day in exchange for a donation or pre-set expense. Give parents plenty of notice of the events and make the fee small or at-will to allow the most students to participate!

Cook for the community

Invite students to make culinary magic in the kitchen by asking for volunteers to host meals for the community. Charge a specific fee or ask for donations to purchase the meals made by the kids. Parents, family, and friends will enjoy eating the food prepared by the hardworking students.

Host a monthly pancake breakfast or put together an annual spaghetti dinner. Include door prizes or incorporate a silent auction to raise more money for your fundraiser.

Capitalize on the sweet tooth with a lollipop fundraiser

Practically everyone has a sweet tooth!

Take advantage of the community’s love of sweet candies and raise money by selling lollipops. The perfect sweet for people of all ages, lollipops make a convenient treat for people on the go. With numerous delicious flavors, sizes, and shapes, lollipops offer something for everyone.

Turn your fundraiser into a good-spirited contest by offering prizes to the students that sell the most lollipops.

CIMA Confections offers the most mouth-watering gourmet lollipops your fundraiser needs with 30 delicious flavors including mango, banana split, and sour apple. These gluten- and allergy-free pops are made with the finest quality ingredients by old-fashioned recipes.

Beware: these lollipops won’t last long!

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