Sour About Back to School? We’ve Got Just the Thing

Sour Mania LollypopsNow that we’ve turned the corner into August, we all know that a new school year and fall holidays are coming up fast. It seems like every year we hit this part of the summer and suddenly there are backpacks, pencils, and even Halloween decorations on every shelf in every store. That’s sure to make anyone’s mood a bit sour.

If anyone’s feeling a little sour about the summer coming to an end, one of CIMA Confections’ Sour Mania gourmet lollipops are sure to take the edge off those back-to-school blues. You might even have some fun in the process while enjoying one of our 11 deliciously sour flavors.

First Day Back Treat

The first day back at school is always hard. It forces kids to stop thinking about beaches and pools and start thinking about homework and math problems. But there’s one thing that always make a sour mood a little better – and that’s a yummy snack. Go ahead – treat them to a wild flavor like orange or mandarin that will help boost their energy and alertness. Or, if they’re not feeling very adventurous, there are always traditional flavors like cherry or strawberry. There’s something comforting about the old classics.

School Fundraiser

Who wouldn’t want to take the usual, annual school fundraiser and turn it from boring into a total blast? These sour lollipops will give any fundraising event a jolt of electricity. They’re also a unique and refreshing alternative to the standard treats always sold at these things. Dare to be different! And with free shipping on all orders, getting your lollipops is a breeze.

New Friends at School

A new school year usually means new friends. It’s an exciting time for kids, despite being back in the classroom. Our Sour Mania lollipops are a perfect treat for any upcoming birthday party or gathering of school friends. Trust us – these sour snacks are a sure way to make new friends!

In addition to being a blast to eat, our Sour Mania lollipops are completely allergen-free – so no one has to miss out on the fun, no matter which flavor they prefer. Offered in packs of 640 lollipops, these tasty treats are a perfect end of summer addition to any establishment.

To learn more or to order your Sour Mania lollipops, call us today at 562-926-6800.