Soothe Sore Throats for Little Ones by Using a Lollipop

Few ailments bring overall misery more than a sore throat. It could be allergies, a cold coming on, tonsillitis, or a bacterial infection. No matter the cause, a sore throat is painful. Every time you swallow, it hurts.

But you have to have liquids to feel better and get better. The last thing you want is dehydration. So what can you do? Your ally—especially with little ones–is the good, old-fashioned lollipop your grandmother used to give you! Lollipops can soothe the throat and help you replenish liquids in the body.

Better yet, gone is the mediciny taste of lozenges and throat-sprays with great flavors like wild cherry, watermelon, and banana split–lollipop flavors made by Cima Confections for our gourmet line of Yummy Lix.

latest-greenapplepopOr choose sour apple, sure to generate some saliva to soothe the throat. Lollipops help stimulate saliva production to ease uncomfortable dry mouth. And don’t worry about cavities; with the saliva flowing, the mouth washes out, removing plaque build-up on teeth. With a dry mouth, anything your child eats can stick to teeth, causing more problems down the line.

The best method to use in helping ease a sore throat is to start with a lollipop and a glass of water. You could use a favorite juice or even a soda, but the water brings out the flavor of the lollipop better. And juice could cause too much flavor conflict–something kids tend to hate! For the don’t-mix-my-vegetables crowd, a favorite lollipop flavor and plain water work best. So keep your pomegranate lollipop purer in flavor with water.

The next steps are as easy as dipping your lollipop in the water and offering it to your child to suck on. The extra liquid on the lollipop will go a long way to getting some much needed fluid to the body. Repeat until the lollipop is finished–and the glass of water.

While lozenges or plain hard candy might seem like a good substitute, beware, as they can slip down the throat, causing further misery with scratching, coughing, and choking. The lollipop is secure on the paper stick and easier to control from your end of the stick–literally!

Lollipops have also been used to relieve the nausea that can come from the flu–with its slow release of sugars that soothe the tummy.

Remember, if any sore throat persists and your child runs a fever higher than 100.4 degrees, please seek medical attention. Strep and other dangerous bacteria could be the cause.

No matter the cause of the sore throat, you can seek relief in the tastiest of ways–with a Yummy Lix gourmet lollipop from Cima Confections. Choose your favorite flavor–from bubblegum to cherry cheesecake to mango peach. And don’t be embarrassed to use this healing technique no matter how old you are! We just hope you are soon feeling better. And you always could trust that Grandma knew best.