Popular Candies and their Potential Benefits

Are you a candy lover who is constantly trying to avoid your favorite lollipops, chocolate bars and more? Psychology Today has shed some light on the benefits of various candies. Read on to learn some of the advantages of our favorite sugary treats:

Increased Attention

After a drop in blood sugar, your brain can have a difficult time focusing and candy can work as a quick fix for this lack of concentration. Next time you need a boost during studying or a long day at work, try unwrapping some candy for a boost in concentration. Reward yourself halfway through a difficult task, then keep going thanks to your sugar increase!

The repetitive action of chewing gum is another quick way to increase your attention while reducing stress levels. Peppermint has a similar effect, and has been shown to help students concentrate during tests.


Looking to live a long, happy life? Treat yourself to some candy every once in a while. A Harvard School of Public Health study found that individuals who ate candy a few times a month lived almost a year longer than those who ate none. This life-long study took place from 1916 to 1988 and showed that moderation is key. Men who ate candy one to three times per month had the lowest mortality rate, while those who ate no candy at all had the highest.

Next time you’re craving some sugar, give yourself a break and unwrap your favorite flavored lollipop from CIMA Confections!