Candy Fundraising and the Details of Selling

If your organization has decided to sell candy as part of your fundraising efforts, you may want to brush up on some tips before getting started. Whether you’re doing this for the first time or have successfully had a few candy fundraisers in the past, the devil is in the details.

These sales tips will help you pull off your candy fundraiser without a hitch. Mastering the Candy Fundraising: The Details of Selling

Set Expectations

Make sure that your participants know ahead of time what’s expected of them. If you require fundraising, say so. If it’s optional, let them know. Be clear about it and do so upfront so you don’t get a group of people who are totally opposed to fundraising.

Remember the Tax Deductions

If your fundraising efforts are for an organization or school that’s set up to allow tax deductions, make sure everyone knows! Buyers are more inclined to purchase when they realize they can use it as a tax deduction. An even better way to capitalize on this benefit is to remind businesses they can send out client gifts and make it a business deduction.

Nail the Sales Pitch

Many of us aren’t natural born sellers, and you can expect the same to be true in your group of participants. Instead of leaving them to nervously figure it out, give them some tips for creating a successful pitch.

Explain who you are, what organization you’re raising money for, and why in one sentence. Yes, one! Follow with a question that asks for their help and tells them why you want it. The whole thing looks like this: “Hi, I’m John Smith and our softball team organized a fundraiser to pay for new equipment. Can you help today because our old equipment is worn out?” See, easy!

Having a candy fundraiser can be very successful and bring in a lot of money for your cause. The key is to be prepared before you start and make sure your participants are properly prepared as well. A little time now means a lot of problems prevented later.

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