March Holidays You Can Incorporate Into Your Fundraising Campaigns

The best fundraisers have a message to get behind. These messages compel people to donate at a particular time of the year for the cause that you’ve organized around. One way to really boost that fundraising potential is to incorporate it into the holiday season! Little do people know, there are plenty of offbeat holidays that can be utilized for fundraising purposes, especially if Yummy Lix Lollipops are involved.

Here are a few holidays coming up in March that you can incorporate into your fundraising campaigns.March Holidays You Can Incorporate Into Your Fundraising Campaigns

National Pi Day

Pi , one of the most famous ratios in mathematics , is a seemingly infinite number, starting first with 3.14. As a result, March 14th has become a day to celebrate mathematics worldwide. If you’re fundraising around this time, award the geniuses in your life with “Yummy Star” lollipops. These star-shaped candies are perfect for recognizing talent and encouraging knowledge.

Proposal Day

The reason is in the name: March 20th was once hailed as a day to encourage marriage proposals. It is a time to both celebrate those who are married and recognize those who are not for waiting for their true soul mate. In our minds the “Yummy Hearts” lollipops that are intended for Valentine’s Day could also be used for this day. And if you want to be more direct, there are always the “Yummy Lips”and “Sour Yummy Lips” lollipops to offer.

National Puppy Day

Yes, this is the most important day of the year—a  holiday dedicated to celebrating puppies! Because anything related to puppies is usually cute and cuddly, fundraising around this day almost naturally calls for lollipops. The classic “Yummy Lix Gourmet” lollipops should do the trick!

With any fundraiser, lollipops are a tasty, easy way to award donors, and attract more appeal. So take your pick with Yummy Lollipops today!