Kick A Bad Habit, Suck on a Lollipop

Lollipops arouse in us a sense of childlike wonder, from ballpark swings and summer camp flings to Halloween memories and roller rink parties. As adults we like to hold onto that wonder through the candy we buy.

But did you know that lollipops do more than appeal to our wistful sides? They can actually help us squash bad habits.

Quit Smoking Kick Bad Habits, Suck on a Lollipop

A lot of smokers miss the hand to mouth motion that cigarettes fulfilled for them. Lollipops can serve as a substitute for that behavior. If you want to keep your hand and mouth occupied, choose a healthy brand and yummy flavor. A gluten and allergy free brand with long-lasting flavor will make you feel less sugar guilt.

Suppress Appetite

We’re all guilty of occasionally eating mindlessly. Sometimes we just need something to do while sitting in front of a computer or in a waiting room, watching TV, or looking to pass the time. Ditch the bag of potato chips for a succulent tasting lollipop! Blue raspberry and sour apple flavors will certainly tingle your taste buds for a while.

Fight Cavities 

Lollipops aren’t just delicious; they help to fight tooth decay, too. There are even special brands of sugar-free treats that dentists recommend to their patients. You can still enjoy the old-fashioned tasty ones, though, just drink a glass of water immediately after, and don’t forget to brush as the cardinal rule!

Out with the old, in with the new is an adage we like to live by. Add some flavor to your life and celebrate your new lifestyle changes with us at CIMA Confections Corp!