How to Make a Lollipop Bouquet

The adorably delectable lollipop bouquet is an easy-to-create sweet treat for both the eyes and stomach.

Lollipop BouquetGrab your favorite lollipops and start creating your floral-like masterpiece.

Gather the lollipop bouquet materials

For this sweet craft, grab your favorite delicious lollipops, a hot glue gun, and a foam ball. If you would like to put your bouquet into a flowerpot, choose one that goes best with your color of lollipops, or buy a plain pot to paint.

To make a bouquet someone could carry, attach wooden dowels to the bottom of your foam ball and cover in ribbon. You will need about four 12-inch wooden dowels.

Put it together

Glue your foam ball into your flowerpot and start placing your lollipops into your foam ball. Starting at the bottom of the ball, line up your lollipops in a row and create the next row above the bottom layer. Continue adding lollipops until you have covered the entire foam ball.

If you are not using a flowerpot, simply start by adding lollipops to the foam ball and continue until about half of the ball is covered. At this point, measure out your wooden dowels to the length you desire and wrap some ribbon around the wooden dowels, hot gluing them in place to keep them together.

Next, push the dowels into the bottom of your foam ball and glue. Finish off your foam ball with the rest of your lollipops.

And now your lollipop bouquet is finally complete!

What occasions call for a lollipop bouquet?

Now that your lollipop bouquet is picture-perfect, where will you show it off? Make multiple bouquets to use as the centerpieces for tables at birthday parties or use on the dessert table at your wedding reception.

Gift a lollipop bouquet to a mom-to-be or add a little flavor to your friend’s bachelorette party.

Lollipop bouquets also function well for fundraisers!

Auction off the entire bouquet in a silent auction or sell each lollipop individually to make some cash for your organization.

CIMA Confections’ gourmet lollipops are both visually appealing, with their two tones of color and swirls, and full of flavor, making them the perfect treat for your lollipop bouquet. Pick your favorite flavors and shapes and get to crafting your candy bouquet creation. Contact us for more information about these delicious treats!