Halloween During COVID-19

As we step into the Halloween season, we are often wondering how we will handle handing out candy during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are definitely ways we can do so while staying safe and healthy. Kids all around the country have had to give up quite a bit due to the pandemic, but Halloween can probably still go on, as long as we take precautions. As someone who enjoys greeting kids in costumes at their front door with treats for Halloween, let’s take some steps to make this a successful Halloween.

Halloween during COVID-19

For the Ones Handing Out Candy

Mask Up Yourself – Not all homeowners decide to dress up while giving out candy at Halloween, but maybe this year they could. Not only will you be protecting yourself from any germs, but you’ll also be protecting the kids as they walk from house to house. Get creative with your costume and dress up in a hazmat suit, so you can hand out delicious treats!

Make a Candy Chute – This is a fairly easy project you can do. All you need is a long PVC pipe or piece of cardboard and attach it to your railing. You can slide down the candy in the chute right into the trick or treaters’ candy bags. This is another safe way to hand out candy during the holiday.

For the Parents Taking Their Kids Out

Parents, if you’re planning on taking your kids out to go trick or treating, it’s important to make sure you and your kids are staying safe and healthy. We want to be able to give kids every opportunity to go out and live their lives normally, so make sure you and your kids are practicing the proper guidelines during this pandemic.

Social Distancing – Social distancing is key to stopping the spread of the virus. Make sure when they’re approaching houses to safely distance themselves from others getting candy as well.

Wearing masks – This is an easy one, especially if your child is dressing up in a costume, but make sure that even if the costume doesn’t have a mask to make sure they wear one when they’re going up to get candy from each house.

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