Fundraising with Lollipops for Your School Sports

Most school athletic teams rely heavily on fundraising to keep their programs going. The struggle is finding a product that most people will enjoy and purchase.

While it’s true that children love candy, gourmet lollipops are a crowd pleaser amongst adults too. Lots of charities and sports teams use lollipops to aid in the fundraising for their organization.

Lollipop fundraisers are fun and easy to keep track of. Here are a few more reasons why you should choose gourmet lollipops for your next school sports fundraiser.

Sellable All Year-Round

Lollipops can be eaten and bought year-round. There is no specific lollipop season you must confine yourself to, however you could use the season you’re in as a selling advantage. If your fundraiser falls during the holiday season, you could purchase festive holiday lollipops to drum up sales. Few students and parents can resist a themed treat.

Sport Lollipops

Say you are running a fundraiser for the school football players. You can order football-shaped lollipops to sell on a game day, showing support to your school’s football team. No matter the sport, you can tailor your lollipops to cater to the individual team they support. 

Convenience Factor

Lollipops are mess-free and easy to carry around. You can do your fundraising whenever and wherever the opportunity arises. Your sports teams could have volunteers selling lollipops to people watching the games to help raise money. You could even sell them during lunch periods or at events like school dances. Lollipops are simple to pack up and travel with.

Fundraising shouldn’t be stressful. The goal is to help kids get the proper equipment and uniforms to play their sport. Lollipops are a great way to take the stress out of fundraising and focus on the sports players and their needs. To order gourmet lollipops for your next sports fundraiser, contact CIMA Confections at (562)926-6800. Kids deserve to have proper funding for their sport, and lollipop fundraising can help them get there.