Four Reasons to Choose Lollipops as Your Summer Candy

No candy comes close to the lollipop in terms of the variety of flavors, sizes and shapes, which is part of what makes the lollipop the perfect summer treat. This summer, choose lollipops as your candy of choice for the following reasons.

Lollipops Can Stand the Heat

Unlike popsicles, ice cream and gummy candies that melt as you eat them in the hot summer sun, lollipops can withstand the summer heat and stay a long-lasting treat for the season. Rather than leaving you in the sun holding a handful of melted candies, lollipops come on a stick, allowing for less mess and more summer fun.

If you can stand the heat as well as the tried and true lollipop, why not give Hotpops a try? Dipped in different flavors of chili on one side and a sour flavor on the other, this sweet and spicy combination is the perfect Mexican-inspired snack for adventurous lollipop connoisseurs.

Yummy Lix FlavorsLollipops Are the Perfect Distraction

Summertime brings a lot of opportunities for fun … and for waiting. Maybe you’re waiting in line for the newest roller coaster at an amusement park, having a slow day at the office, or counting down the hours until you reach your road trip destination. The long-lasting lollipop gives you something to distract your mind with while you wait for the fun to start. Kids and adults alike will appreciate the tasty distraction.

Yummy Lix Gourmet Lollipops offer a range of great summertime flavors, including cherry lemonade, cotton candy, mango peach, strawberry cream and watermelon. These lollipops are sure to serve as a great distraction for whatever your plants include this summer.

Lollipops Make Great Favors and Gifts

Serve your wedding guests fancy lollipops as a party favor, or put lollipops in your child’s birthday party piñata or guest treat-bags. You could even put out have lollipops as a quick snack option at reunions and summer get-togethers. Because people of all ages enjoy lollipops, they make convenient, delicious and affordable gifts.

This summer, celebrate America’s favorite pastime with baseball-shaped lollipops from Yummy Lix. Available in lemonade, bubblegum and sour green apple, these fun-shaped candies are perfect for sports-themed parties and summer celebrations.

So Many Flavors, Shapes and Sizes

Just as summer offers you the chance to spend your time in new placed, lollipops offer you the opportunity to treat your taste buds to different flavors, shapes and sizes, allowing you to get hooked on your favorite summer flavor and style.

Some lollipops include multiple flavors in one, while others are one powerful and staying flavor. Others are incredibly colorful and vivid, like our like our Color Xploder lollipops that looks like a strange planet from deep space on a stick and taste nearly as exotic. Indulge your tangy side with sour lollipops and experiment with different textures to find your preferred lollipop. Try a Sour Mania lollipop to really take your taste buds on a wild adventure this summer.

Regardless of your plans for this summer, make sure to stock up on lollipops for the trip! Order any of the great selection of lollipops from CIMA Confections online now, or call us today at 562-926-6800 to learn more.