Five Ways Lollipops are Good for Your Health

In a time where green juices and happy hour yoga sessions are all the rage, it seems infeasible to imagine a healthy lifestyle that includes candy. But what would you say if we told you that lollipops are actually good for your health?

It’s not a dream– here are a few ways lollipops are good for you in honor of     National Candy Month in June!

Candy eaters live longer

Healthy Young Adult Happy Eating a LollipopThe Harvard School of Public Health found that people who engaged in modest candy consumption, which was pinpointed at 1-3 times per month, outlived those who didn’t. Even those who ate candy more often without overindulging lived longer!

Sugar gets you motivated

A little bit of sugar can help restore willpower for big tasks like yard work or homework. A lollipop can help keep you focused longer.

Lollipops keep you healthy

Believe it or not, lollipops can be used to administer medicine to children if it includes active ingredients like fentanyl, a strong analgesic. Taking medicine has never been so enjoyable!

They can aid your diet

Some people say lollipops can work as an appetite suppressant and can help people lose weight while keeping energy levels up. Eating a lollipop before meals may help you get to your goal weight.

Improve your mental health with a lollipop

Lollipops that are filled with chewing gum may help improve your mood, reduce stress, increase your focus, and work as a pain blocker. How’s that for a multitasking treat?

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