Customers to Decide on Oreo Creation Contest Winner

The long awaited day is finally here! Oreo is finally rolling out its three finalists from the #MyOreoCreation Contest to decide on the winning flavor.

Oreo CookieThe contest started back in June of 2017, when Oreo handed the reigns over to its fans. The company was flooded with submissions for the new limited-edition Oreo flavor, admitting that they were actually “blown away” by the creativity and innovation of their customers’ ideas. The contest perfectly reflected the brand itself, which is known for trying new things with flavor and really thinking outside the box. Previous unique flavors we’ve seen from Oreo include Swedish Fish, Birthday Cake, and Peeps.

The final three Oreo flavors that are competing for the public’s vote are (drum roll please!): Cherry Cola, Kettle Corn, and Pina Colada. Not what you expected, right?

The cherry cola cookie features a cherry-cola-flavored filling with candies, while the kettle corn contestant offers a buttery flavor with puffed pieces on the inside. Last, but not least is the Pina Colada cookies that have a coconut and pineapple crème filling with thin Oreo cookies holding the treat together.

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