Country Star and Bride Exchanged Lollipop Wedding Rings

Country singer John Osborne recently married his longtime girlfriend, Lucie Silvas, and the ceremony had a few interesting twists. While many couples spend months agonizing over which wedding rings to pick, not to mention the thousands of dollars spent on them, Osborne and his fiancé decided to do something a little different. Instead of traditional wedding rings they exchanged rings made out of lollipops.

The couple got married at their home in a small ceremony that included a few close friends and family members. Towards the end, the couple exchanged rings made out of lollipops and ate them right then and there. We’ve heard of people serving candy at their weddings before, but never anything like this! The couple was able to incorporate their love of lollipops into their love for each other, and it certainly made for a unique ceremony.

Most wedding rings are gorgeous, but they just don’t taste as good as lollipops. John and Lucie seemed to share that sentiment, and were able to exchange a gift that was both heartfelt and delicious.

We’re always excited to see creative uses of lollipops like this, and the fact that the candy was used to bring a happy couple together is even better. We wish John and Lucie the best of luck, and we will be on the lookout for any more stories of people getting creative with their lollipops. Would you ever consider wearing, and eating, lollipop rings at your wedding, or would your spouse not go for that? Let us know what you think!