Be the Star with Yummy Star Lollipops

CIMA Confections’ Yummy Lix lollipops are a flavorful treat that anyone and everyone can enjoy. All of these pops are gluten and allergen free, so everyone can try one without worry about food sensitivities! There are 20 delicious dessert and fruit flavors to choose from, so there’s a flavor for everyone to love.

Yummy Lix lollipops make a great addition to any party, whether you want a gift to bring or want a sweet treat for guests at an event you’re hosting. Here are some events that are perfect to have our Yummy Lix Yummy Star assortment for!

Yummy StarBlock Party

You’ll be the star of the neighborhood when you show up to your local block party with an assortment of Yummy Star lollipops! Everyone can enjoy a delicious and low-calorie treat after they’ve had some burgers and potato salad.

Camping Trip

Why not stargaze while you’re holding your own edible, flavorful star? Yummy Star pops will make a welcome addition to any camping trip meal bag – they’re portable, individually wrapped and easy to snack on while on the go!


Instead of bringing another cakey dessert to a birthday party, why not show up with something delicious and different? A Yummy Star arrangement is a special treat that the star of the party – the birthday boy or girl – can share with their friends.


Let’s be honest – graduations are all about how much money is in the card. Helping a recent grad get set up with the next phase of his or her life is one of the benefits of hosting a grad party! Truly shine at that grad in your life’s part by bringing a Yummy Star arrangement to share with the party people.

Office Parties

Office parties can feel a little overdone – there’s always the same cheap booze, the same sheet pizza and the same sheet cake from the grocery store. Why not mix things up and bring a Yummy Star arrangement to your next office shindig? You and your coworkers can snack on the lollipops while they’re chatting or toss one on their desk to enjoy later.

These are just some of the events that a Yummy Star arrangement would be perfect for, but feel free to bring them to any occasion! Order yours online now, or call us today at 562-926-6800 to learn more.