Back to School: 3 Tips for a Successful School Fundraiser

Labor Day is behind us, and the fall is ahead. What that means for most students is that school is back in session. Usually, school groups or clubs start off the year strong with a big fundraiser, to help with the school year’s activities. That can come in the form of book drives, lemonade stands, and, of course, candy sales.

But not all fundraisers are automatically a hit; in fact, it takes a well-thought-out strategy to ensure success. Here are four tips for a successful school fundraiser!

Embrace the webSchool Fundraiser Tips

For whatever the reason, the traditional means of fundraising at school is still stuck in an older time. It’s mostly face-to-face sales or drives, and often doesn’t utilize the powerful tool that is the web. So embrace social media, and its abilities to not only spread the message, but also, raise funds, too.

Activate your network

Think about it: your parents, your friends, your classmates, your extended family, your school sports team—the connections you have are endless! So, it’s worth activating these networks in a way that could further drive fundraising. Just ask around!

Have a good product

Of course, the point of the fundraiser is about the cause or organization you’re behind, but it still rings true that whatever you’re selling for donations must be worth the money. You’ll find that it’s much harder to sell a product that not many people want, or need, which can make or break a fundraiser should it get out of hand.

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