3D Printing Lollipops

You may have heard of a recent technological trend that is sweeping not only the country, but the entire world. And that is 3D printing. If you aren’t familiar with the technology, 3D printing essentially allows someone to use a computer to design just about anything they can think of. The design can be any size or shape, and it can even have multiple parts and pieces. Then, a 3D printer can actually print out a fully realized replica of the digital design. And unlike a traditional printer, these don’t use paper. In fact, they can use a wide range of materials to print anything from machines to lollipops!

But what are some of the benefits of 3D printing when it comes to lollipops? Well for one thing, intricate designs can be created and then massed produced, and they can also be altered easily by tinkering with the design on a computer. This allows for maximum customization while keeping production costs low. Of course, 3D printers are expensive pieces of equipment, but the more widespread they become the cheaper they will be as everyone starts using them. We could see a day in the not so far future where the majority of business owners and even individuals own a 3D printer.

Would you ever eat a piece of candy that was printed by a computer? And have you seen 3D printers used for any other interesting applications? Let us know and make sure you keep checking back for more news and updates from the CIMA Confections team!

Source: http://3dprint.com/45902/3d-printed-lollipops/