3 Myths About Candy that You Shouldn’t Believe

Candy brings joy, smiles, and satisfaction to all who indulge in the sweet stuff.

However, the joyful world of candy is not without a few myths, many of which we believed as children.

As an adult, however, it is time you knew the truth.

Candy Myths

Candy makes children bounce off the walls

Adults and children alike adore candy for its sweet, delicious flavors and quick bursts of sugar. Sweets can release chemicals in our bodies that make us feel elated and gives us a little energy boost.

What candy does not do though, is cause hyperactivity in kids.

Research has found no conclusive evidence that sugar causes children to bounce off the walls, meaning enjoying treats without restraint will not cause a child to run screaming through your home’s hallways.

When you swallow gum, it stays in your stomach forever

Remember when you were little, and your mom would tell you not to swallow your gum?

You did it anyway, of course and learned that when you swallow gum, your stomach holds onto it for years and years, as it stays trapped in your system.

However, in truth, your digestive system moves the gum through your digestive tract over a few days. Though we are not suggesting you should consistently swallow your gum, if you do by accident, no worries—this, too, shall pass.

All candy is fattening

Though Buddy the Elf would adamantly argue otherwise, you probably should not make candy one of your main food groups. However, nowadays you can enjoy many candies guilt-free.

Many treats, like lollipops, are both fat and cholesterol-free, and are also pretty low in calories.

Adding a small amount of candy into your diet is easy with the numerous healthier candy options available on the market today. Be sure to check your nutrition labels before assuming a candy is too unhealthy for you or your children to munch on.

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