Why We Love Candy so Much

From a young age, people are drawn to candy for many reasons. Some people prefer chocolates, others prefer something a bit sourer, and of course almost everyone enjoys a good lollipop every now and then. But just what is it about candy that always keeps people coming back for more? Well, some studies have shown that a craving for sweets is a natural occurrence in most people. Children typically enjoy sweet candy more than older age groups, but that enjoyment we get from candy when we are kids seldom fades away entirely.

In many cases, candy reminds adults of a time when they are kids, with just one taste or even smell of a specific treat causing fun memories to rush back into their head. People always love encountering a type of candy that they enjoyed as a child, and if they have kids today they pass on that enjoyment to a new generation.

Certain research has actually shown that eating candy and other sugary treats can have a positive effect on our mood. Even the act of licking a lollipop or crunching down on a familiar piece of chocolate can lower stress levels. While we won’t go as far as saying that candy is the answer to a stressful day, some evidence suggests that very well may be the case.

Whether you love candy because it brings back fond memories of childhood or it helps you relax after a stressful day, we are just glad that so many people of all ages have a reason to enjoy these amazing treats.