Three Fundraising Ideas for Your Baseball Team

With sunny days ahead of us, it’s officially baseball season! This also marks the time of year that many travel and house leagues are looking for new ways to raise money. Here are our top three favorite fundraising ideas for you to try this season!

Plan a restaurant nightHow to Raise Money for Your Baseball Team

Many local restaurants offer a program to sports teams in the area looking to raise money. Some restaurants will share a percentage of the total sales on a designated date, or they will give you flyers to hand out so you’ll be in charge of getting people there. It’s a win-win situation.

Hold a car wash

This is a great team bonding activity that will allow the group to work together off the field for once. Choose a day that is calling for sun and pay a visit to your local carwash to see what fundraising programs they have available. Then gather the volunteers and make some signs to put up around the neighborhood and at local businesses. When the day comes, make sure to set up by the street to lure people in to the car wash and have the rest washing the cars. It also wouldn’t hurt to grill some hot dogs and burgers to raise some extra money!

Gourmet Baseball lollipopsFundraising Ideas for Baseball Teams

Selling lollipops is one thing, but selling baseball-shaped lollipops to raise money for your very own baseball team is a whole other way of fundraising! These treats are made to help our talented young baseball players raise money, whether it means their small town league can keep renting out a diamond to practice on or if it’s helping to take a travel team across the country to face their competition.

The great part about selling these lollipops for a fundraiser is the excitement that comes to baseball players and fans alike when they buy these themed treats and there are a few different flavors to choose from.

At CIMA Confections, our baseball-shaped lollipops are available in green apple, lemonade, and bubble gum. Free of gluten, eggs, nuts, shellfish, and milk, this candy is finally a treat that most everyone can enjoy. Give us a call at 562-926-6800 today to learn more about our lollipops and start your season off right!