The Rising Popularity of Japanese Lollipop Art

At CIMA Confections, we’re all for gourmet lollipops – it’s our bread and butter. We understand the sweetness and good feelings that come with each lollipop lick and now that we’re in spring and rapidly approaching summer, those good feelings are sure to multiply. We can all agree on their tastiness, but have you ever seen them as works of art, to be cherished and hung up on walls like a Van Gogh or Picasso? Probably not, but this may change your mind.

There is such a thing as Japanese lollipop art, and it is a centuries-old Japanese form of folk art – “candy craft,” they call it. In this Mashable article, Kathleen Wong writes, “Completed by hand and with the help of scissors, an artist pulls, cuts and shapes color-dyed mizuame, a thick and sugary sweetener, into mini sculptures of scarily accurate-looking animals or Japanese cartoons.”

They’re pretty incredible, with many sculptures resembling such things as Pokémon characters, imaginary beasts, and more. They truly are a “treat” to look at and have been recently taking social media sites by storm. We suggest checking out the article in full and treating your eyes to some candy art.

So, the next time you’re about to lick a lollipop, take a moment and just look at it. Some may consider what you’re holding in your hand as art! What do you think of candy art? What kind of candy art would you like to see? Maybe some impressionistic gourmet lollipops or surrealist gourmet lollipops. Let us know in the comments below and if you’re craving lollipops (it’s the season, after all!), contact us today!