Strange Lollipop Flavors

Recently we’ve been talking more about some unusual lollipop flavors including everything from bacon to breastmilk. And while some of these flavors may sound extreme, to dedicated groups of people they have likely become a favorite. We live in a world today where just about any flavor of lollipop could, and probably is a reality. If you have a hankering for a bizarre lollipop, odds are you will be able to find someone that makes it. But is there ever a line where a flavor goes too far? We’re here to look at a few more bizarre choices.

We’ve heard about balsamic vinegar, peppercorn, and even habanero flavored lollipops. These flavors move far beyond the sweet taste most people are used to, and are instead combining flavors from other types of food. In many cases, tasting a lollipop that is spicy, sour, or some other unexpected flavor can turn people off, but for some it’s exactly what they were looking for in a lollipop.

Certain people are also using the term lollipop a bit more liberally than others. While most people think of a lollipop as a hard candy, some companies are placing various types of food on a stick and calling it a lollipop. This allows for some unique combinations of food and flavors, and definitely not anything like the lollipops you grew up this.

We’re glad to see that there are so many different flavors and styles of lollipops out there, and we’re always excited to see what people come up with next.