Yummy Bear


Yummy Bears—our unique bear-shaped gourmet lollipops—are available now! 640 lollipops per case, and Always Free Shipping!!

These adorable teddy-bear-shaped lollipops…

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lactose free Lollipops shellfish free Candy nut free Candy gluten free Lollipops egg free Confections

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Cute as a button yet tasty as your favorite snack, CIMA Confections Yummy Bear gourmet lollipops are a major hit with people young and old.

Available in six delicious flavors, Yummy Bear lollipops are devoid of nuts, shellfish, milk and eggs, allowing all to enjoy. Due to their cute appearance, great taste and allergen-friendly ingredients, these “yummy” lollipops are a great addition to any fundraising endeavor or shop that sells tasty treats.

Please see the list of available flavors below, and if you have any questions about our gourmet lollipops, contact us today.

Blue Raspberry
Bubble Gum
Sour Apple

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