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How to Celebrate Sweetest Day the Right Way!

Sweetest Day Gift

Yes, there is a holiday for everything, but something about Sweetest Day is particularly… well, sweet! “Valentine’s Day of the fall” Since 1921, this holiday has been celebrated largely in the American Midwest, with at least ten states taking part in the fun. One newspaper called it the “Valentine’s Day of the fall,” which we… Read more »

The Yummy Lix Lollipop Flavors of Spring

Yummy Lix Lollipops Flavors of Spring

Are you planning a fundraiser this spring? While there are obviously many products you could sell, one of the most effective things you can sell quickly and cleverly are lollipops. Specifically, Yummy Lix Gourmet Lollipops will prove to be an excellent choice for those looking to leave a lasting impression in their fundraising efforts. The… Read more »

Raising Awareness for National Heart Month

Raising Awareness for National Heart Month

Many people may know a relative, family member, or friend who has been affected by a heart condition. This month we commemorate those we’ve lost or who are struggling by leading the healthiest lives possible and teaching the next generation about healthy lifestyle choices. In order to bring awareness to National Heart Month, we’ve put… Read more »

How Candy is Linked to Halloween Tradition

How Candy is linked to Halloween Tradition

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend 2.7 billion dollars on Halloween candy this year. That’s a lot of candy! The interesting thing about this is that many families across the country celebrate Halloween without really knowing much about where the “trick or treat” tradition came from. Here’s a brief look at how… Read more »

Hop on Lollipops this Easter with Easter Joy

Easter is right around the corner, and if you’re having a hard time trying to figure out what other kind of candy to offer your customers besides Peeps, we have good news: Yummy Lix has its own line of Easter Joy lollipops! Offering lollipops to your customers as an alternative dessert option is a great… Read more »