Back To School Fundraising Tips


BBack To School Fundraising Tipsack-to-school is just around the corner, which means soon there will be a ton of fundraisers to plan!

Here are some tips on throwing successful fundraisers for schools:

Stay Simple and Informed

The first rule to follow when fundraising: keep it simple. Be realistic with your timeframe and budget constraints. Understand that in order for people to spend money, they need to understand what they are spending it on, what they are receiving, when they will receive it, and so forth. Many people are willing to support school fundraisers but aren’t willing to spend money on things that the sellers seem uninformed on. Be sure that you include al information on a flyer, so it is easy for fundraisers and potential supports to easily understand.

Spread the News

A successful fundraiser is only as good as the people willing to spend money on what you’re offering.  It is important to get the word out early and often about your fundraiser in order to make sure you have people willing to invest in it. You should send home literature with children, send out an e-mail newsletter, hang advertisements in local businesses, or take an ad out in the paper.

Make it useful

Try to create a fundraiser than not only benefits the school but the community as well. For example, a car wash fundraiser helps to raise money and gives back to community members with a discounted car wash.

Be inclusive

It’s important that everyone at the school feels involved. Make an effort to ensure that all students are able to participate in some way. Assigning different jobs is a great way to get tasks completed and include a variety of people.

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